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token post

The good news is that I am actually typing this myself so there’s physical improvement! I switched from Orencia which seems not to work very effectively for me (it seemed to have some benefit but not enough to decrease the … Continue reading

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What’s been going on

To make a long story long, I really need for Dragon naturally speaking to work correctly. So I have to train it. Therefore, you will get posts that are too long and have too much detail with the sole purpose … Continue reading

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TMI Chapter 2: rheumatoid arthritis and “Big Dog” medicine

The Remicade begin failing in the spring . Anticipating the need to change to a different biologic, my RA doctor gave me brochures for Orencia and Rituxan in June. And the head nurse was given instructions to begin the paperwork … Continue reading

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too many what?

If you follow this link , you will discover that my problem is too many Smurfs … how old are those researchers?12?

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the application of theory update

Today, I received the first dose of Orencia. Yeah! The insurance approval came through on Wed July 30 late in the afternoon. But the infusion nurse was out of the office on Thursday and Friday, so when I called on … Continue reading

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software solutions update

Things learned on a Saturday night: The mouse wheel noise is “room room room room.” The headphone cord picks up movement and creates spontaneous editorial comments. The on and off positions for the microphone icon are not appropriate for someone … Continue reading

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software solutions

In an attempt to reconcile myself with the functionality of my body and my need to produce documents, I have obtained a well known voice recognition software program. This is proof that it really does work pretty well. On the … Continue reading

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