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Sat 5/3

On Saturday, instead of attending the last class session for my last doctoral class, I will be officiating the service for a 30 year old who was murdered. There are way more questions than answers. His grandmother is one of … Continue reading

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sweet dreams

Now, on Land and Sea Descending is one of my favorite hymns but since it is an “evening” hymn, we never sing it. Even though I pick the hymns, I haven’t yet “made” my church sing it. It’s on YouTube … Continue reading

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RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

An Old Versus Modern (Postmodern?) Friday Five as posted by Singing Owl Yesterday I had two separate conversations in which people were musing about how much change is occurring. The WW II generation, of which my mom is a part, … Continue reading

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sermon writing

I very often have something on tv while writing sermons. I’m trying to finish a wedding homily type sermon for tomorrow. I’m not sure that Juno was the best choice for the tv background, however, I did laugh a lot … Continue reading

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working on the sermon for the 5th Sunday of Easter year a

You think they’re available for Sunday?

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the best laid plans

I am taking the last course of doctoral work right now. I have turned in my application for comprehensive exams for the fall which usually means the 2nd or 3rd week of September. After turning in the application, I was … Continue reading

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On the MBTI (or other similar inventories), I score pretty strongly toward extroversion. The most obvious manifestations of that in me are: I get energized by people, and, I “process out.” I tend to verbally express my thoughts without necessarily … Continue reading

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