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Prayer of Confession

I wrote and prayed this Prayer of Confession tonight. While I was on mission trip last week Rev. Dr. Andy Mangum, Pastor, First Christian Church, Arlington, Texas called asking me to participate in the prayer vigil. Andy is a dear … Continue reading

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The advantage of waiting to tell a family story until you are back at your home away from the rest of the extended family is you get to tell it your way without their corrections. And those who know me … Continue reading

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well said

Elizabeth Edwards wrote an incredible article reflecting on the death of Tony Snow. Be sure you read it

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Now that the funeral service is all over, let me say it was an adventure finding a pianist. Our fabulous pianist was already committed to rehearsals accompanying students practicing for solo competition. Many other capable pianists were involved in a … Continue reading

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sweet dreams

Now, on Land and Sea Descending is one of my favorite hymns but since it is an “evening” hymn, we never sing it. Even though I pick the hymns, I haven’t yet “made” my church sing it. It’s on YouTube … Continue reading

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On the MBTI (or other similar inventories), I score pretty strongly toward extroversion. The most obvious manifestations of that in me are: I get energized by people, and, I “process out.” I tend to verbally express my thoughts without necessarily … Continue reading

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free rice

I found this on someone else’s blog. I’d hat tip if I could remember where I saw it. I was hoping this would help with scrabble words but these are too long. However, when I’m wasting time expanding my vocabulary, … Continue reading

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