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In Memory of Her

We don’t always think we have the power to make any difference. We downplay the power we do have which diminishes the power we have. So our power is lessened. Not by anyone but ourselves. My mentor taught me to … Continue reading

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what’s your science project?

The last science project that I got to “mother” was about a certain mathematical pattern found naturally occurring in nature. I got to paint pine cones and pineapples. The one before that had hot wheels and hot wheel tracks. In … Continue reading

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visitors and comments

I suppose, if you want someone to read your blog, all you have to do is put something in it that someone else will g**gle or otherwise want to search. I used to have a blog that did not allow … Continue reading

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I got TAGGED! Fab Four Meme

Fab Four Meme I’ve been tagged by Mid-Life Rookie This one is all about fours. Four jobs I’ve held:Post office “causal” (I got to met the mail truck at 4:00 am)sales person for chain video storetellerlifeguard for Christian camp on … Continue reading

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if everyone else jumped off a bridge …

cause everyone else is doing it and I want to be with the crowd (just in case the scores don’t make that clear)

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when improvement isn’t

I used to have an ID for Google and an ID for Blogger. Now they have been combined without me saying I wanted them to be together. Damn. I wish somebody would ask me before they go messin’ with my … Continue reading

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