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The CEB Women’s Bible

First things first, I love The CEB Women’s Bible. It is not simply a re-covered study Bible with “women’s” in the title put out by whatever Christian publisher you may want to name who has done that kind of thing. … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

My favorite teacher was not a teacher of elementary or secondary school. He didn’t assign Robert Frost’s poetry or genetics. My favorite teacher taught me measurable things, such as, how to say the alphabet, how to count, and how to … Continue reading

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Do you sing Christmas carols during Advent?

I used to refuse to sing Christmas carols during Advent. I used to say things like, “We are Christians who celebrate the Christian year! We are in Advent waiting for the coming of the baby. We can’t just jump to … Continue reading

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A wholehearted 7

When I knew that the BE 7.0 with the RevGalBlogPals was going to be on the Enneagram — well really as soon as I knew it was a potential topic — I searched for the books I had, looked for … Continue reading

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Wearing a collar during Lent year 4: the beginning

For the 4th year during Lent, I’m wearing a collar. I wrote about how I decided to start the first year in a post here . On the first day, this year I had jury duty. If the PhD … Continue reading

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Teresa of Avila

Rev. Dr. Mary Luti of Andover Newton Theological School posted, “Here’s something Teresa of Avila really did say! In the course of explaining to her nuns why they should not be reluctant to believe that they, despite their gender and … Continue reading

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RevGalBlogPals: Random Friday Five: Last couple of days….

as posted by revkarla Happy Friday, dear friends! I am feeling all in the moment, or at least the past few days moment, so our random FF is focused on the last couple of days (or week, or however you … Continue reading

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