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What’s been going on

To make a long story long, I really need for Dragon naturally speaking to work correctly. So I have to train it. Therefore, you will get posts that are too long and have too much detail with the sole purpose … Continue reading

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TMI Chapter 1: education

I passed comprehensive exams! I was convinced that I would receive conditions (conditions must be completed before beginning anything to do with the dissertation). I received a question that was dramatically different from what I was told to expect. When … Continue reading

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TMI Chapter 2: rheumatoid arthritis and “Big Dog” medicine

The Remicade begin failing in the spring . Anticipating the need to change to a different biologic, my RA doctor gave me brochures for Orencia and Rituxan in June. And the head nurse was given instructions to begin the paperwork … Continue reading

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All Saints

When the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC was designed, there was a controversy over which design should be selected. A wonderful young Asian-American artist submitted an unusual design — a partially buried, long wall of polished black granite. Most who … Continue reading

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