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RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

Friday Five: Reverendmother’s Swan Song (as posted by Reverendmother) Well friends, as I prepare for the birth of Bonus Baby, it’s time to simplify life, step back from the Friday Five, and let one of the other capable and creative … Continue reading

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RevGalBlogPals Book of the Month- Good Fences

Let me say that overall, I found myself wanting more. I kept waiting for more to develop but it didn’t. I liked the stories and followed her premise but felt that something was missing. The questions as posted by Songbird … Continue reading

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a chaplain?

I’m am so with it concerning entertainment news that I learned from Songbird about the new season of ER having a chaplain. I think I’ll set ER up for recording now. I quit watching ER when my kids quit going … Continue reading

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Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals

Friday 5- de-cluttering edition. Posted by Sally With Jo, Jon and Chris all moving to college and University accommodation there has been a big clear up going on in the Coleman household. We have been sorting and trying hard not … Continue reading

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O Christmas tree by The Entertainer

Two years ago, a boy in The Entertainer’s homeroom told about the Christmas Tree at his house falling over on top of him. He wrote new words for the chorus of “O Christmas Tree” and proceeded to teach it to … Continue reading

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that’s entertainment

With the beginning of school, The Entertainer started playing violin for orchestra and also has a new piano teacher.The plucked violin can produce recognizable tunes. The Entertainer has started having sore fingers leading toward the necessary calluses. That’s good. The … Continue reading

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Billy was five years old and was so excited when his mother came home from the hospital with Billy’s new brother. Billy had wanted a brother for a long time. Nothing could have been more wonderful. But things weren’t working … Continue reading

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