no internet???

Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

[I just discovered this was set to publish in 2012. Ha!]

The obvious answer to this is: yes. The internet does not control my breathing or my heart beat. So, the internet is not my life.

However, the ways in which the internet provides connections with people for whom I care is a life-giving bond. The internet has provided a wealth of people that I have come to know and love as well as some people who are close enough to share lunch.

So, in that sense, no I can’t live without the internet. I can take a break from the interactions with people via the internet.  I have been on youth work trips where the internet was not available but, just like going through the mail delivered by USPS, upon my return I look for the updates of those friends via the internet, too.


About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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One Response to no internet???

  1. Songbird says:

    I love hearing from you on the Internet. 🙂

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