remember me

What do you want to be remembered for?

I know that there are many who already remember me for my laugh. I think that’s terrific. My favorite Bible verse is: And Sarah said, ‘God has given me laughter and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me’ (Gen 21:6). A long time ago, I decided that I wanted to be one of those people who brings laughter. For the most part, I am one of those people. I cherish that and want Gen 21:6 on my Tombstone … (next to the pepperoni …)

I also want to be remembered as a mom who loved her children and who did everything possible to support her children becoming responsible, thoughtful, Christian adults. I think they already have a glimmer of this but, like  most of us, I don’t think they’ll know this with depth until they are older.

I also want to be remembered as a deeply committed Christian who didn’t always have to be serious. I can’t remember the context or the whole quote but someone made a comment about a group loving something so much that they couldn’t help but poke fun at it. There are parts of Christianity and ministry that just provoke laughter and it comes from a deep, abiding love.


About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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One Response to remember me

  1. Songbird says:

    I absolutely love your laugh.

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