recipes with commentary

THE green beans

1/4 cup butter (I melt it)

3/4 cup dark brown sugar (you can use light brown but I don’t.  You can also use brown Spenda if that’s a better choice for the group eating with you.)

1 tablespoon soy sauce (this is the secret ingredient, don’t skimp)

1 teaspoon minced garlic (I use the kind from the can you keep in the refrigerator after opening. A little more doesn’t hurt but a little less does.)

Stir all of that together and pour it over 2 cans of drained green beans then mix it up so the brown goodness is shared with all the beans

cut about 1/4 lb of bacon into 1/4-1/2 inch sections (this part is really however you want to do it just don’t cook it first because it takes away part of the flavor) add it throughout the beans

put everything in a baking dish and cook at 300 for 45 minutes or 350 for a little less time. just make sure the bacon is cooked and the delicious juicy part is bubbly

It doubles, triples, quadruples really well.

When I took it to the homeless shelter, I used the version below.

4 #10 cans of green beans, 2 cups of butter, 6 cups of brown sugar, 1 lb bacon, 1/2 cup soy sauce, 3 tablespoons garlic. prayers to God to help me stir without making a huge mess to clean up. An 18 quart cooker at 350 & 45 mins. serves about 90.

I actually put 2 cans of the green beans in the cooker, about half the bacon, and poured some of the “sauce” in to stir that partial amount before adding the other 2 cans and the rest of the bacon and sauce. When all 4 cans were in the cooker, it was pretty full. Keep stirring until you see brown coating on all the beans. After it cooks 20 minutes or so, stir it. It helps get everything coated better and you can check how the bacon is cooking. Then depending on the time you have left before serving you can turn up the heat to hurry it along if you need to.

Hashbrown Casserole aka the potato stuff

2 lb bag frozen hash browns (or as close as you can get to 2)

1/2 c butter (melted)

2 c sour cream

1 can cream of mushroom (never celery unless its St Pats)

2 c shredded cheddar cheese

1 tsp salt & 1 tsp pepper (I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten these and it made no difference)

crushed potato chips

In a large bowl, first mix butter, sour cream, soup together, then add cheese, last add the hash browns. Make sure they are broken apart first. (You can change the order this is the easiest way to stir them.) Put it in a casserole, top with crushed chips (if you want) and cook at 350 for 35-45 minutes.

You can cover it with aluminum and keep a “pretty” top without the chips.

Or put it in the crockpot to cook on low 4-6 hours or high 2 hours. When I do this, if I use the chips, I just put them on right before it’s served.

This also doubles well but it helps if you have made the “normal” size first so you can tell the right look for the mix. Usually if it’s too stiff, it needs sour cream. If its too soupy, it needs cheese or hash browns. When I made it for 80, I used a similar recipe on to create the right proportions. We mixed in it big batches because we had someone strong enough to stir big batches. Then we cooked it in regular size pans so the time & temp stayed the same.

As a late night Saturday night sermon writer, I can put it in the crockpot after writing the sermon before going to bed and its ready when I need to leave for church. I’ve also plugged it in to start cooking in my office so it would be ready after the 2nd worship service for the potluck.

Another variation is to put 1 1/2-2 cups of herb seasoning stuffing mix on top drizzled with 3 tablespoons of butter (When my sister did this I thought my youngest was going to kill her. So I never use it. But it does taste pretty good to some grownups)


About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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2 Responses to recipes with commentary

  1. Songbird says:

    That all sounds delicious. I think we need to have a retreat at *your* house!!!

  2. St.Casserole says:

    Thanks for these recipes. I’m going to try them but in “normal” quantities.

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