I really do have a blog

I suppose if I’m going to have a blog, I should write something. I’m sure I’ve lost all the regular readers since I have not been a regular writer. Nonetheless, here is a blog that is not a Friday Five, a meme, or another variation on a personality quiz.

* I began watching ER when it first started. I then dropped it in the middle after the stabbing of Carter and death of Lucy but before Carter was gone. I started watching again when this seasaon began in order to see their version of a hospital chaplain. In the years of not watching ER, I’ve missed some things. But, like a soap opera, it has been pretty easy to catch up.

I wish John Stamos wasn’t trying so hard to be George Clooney. I wish they had invested as much on the advisement regarding appropriate clergy behavior as they did on medical technicalities.

* I’m one of the officers for the local ministerial alliance. I’m not sure that I’m really that invested in the organization because most meetings I leave feeling like I’ve wasted my time. As a part of the nominations process, I met with two other clergy. One the same flavor that I am and one that is a different flavor. The same flavor one had to leave fairly quickly after the business was done. The different flavor one and I stood on the “porch” of the place we met and talked for an hour (maybe more). I could have easily talked to him longer. We talked about a variety of things but it started with Harry Potter. My investment in the ministerial thing may have gone up a smidge.

* My nephew was born on October 9 which was almost my favorite grandfather’s birthday. He (the nephew) has hydrocephalus and has a shunt that appears to be working well. His first month checkup was today and went well. He is now 10lbs 5 oz. When born, he was 9 lbs 4 oz. Better my sister than me. My babies were little bitty — thank God!

Speaking of my babies. My youngest, the Entertainer, was born on the anniversary of the same grandfather’s death. She began playing violin when school started with a 1/2 size. She has now grown into the 3/4 size (or is it the other way around size wise?) violin that was originally purchased for that grandfather when he was about the Entertainer’s age. She is not quite as good as he was yet. But I have every confidence that she will surpass him. And, if those in heaven, have any care about what happens here on earth, he will be her biggest fan even though he never met her on earth.

* Now that my church has managed to move on a better financial path, we need to find out how to help others discover our great little church.

* I am officially registered for the last course for my PhD. Then comes comps, then comes orals, then comes dissertation, so that last course is just the end of the beginning.

* I need to write a congregational stewardship letter. I’d rather copy someone else’s well done letter. I hate writing stewardship letters, not because of the money part, but because I want the letter to be inspiring. I don’t usually pull off “inspiring” in letters like this. Sermons? yes. Letters? not usually.

And the letters really need to be mailed tomorrow. But the secretary has a family medical thing in the morning, so that would be the finger pointing at me to do the job. I hope the mailing labels are already printed but I’m not counting on it. They are created by a program that is not user friendly. I wonder if the folding machine will cooperate? The copying should be easy. The stuffing, boring but easy. hmmm, do we have enough first class stamps? I bet not.

In that list, the first thing that has to be worried about is actually writing the letter. That is completely under my control. So I guess I will do that.


About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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One Response to I really do have a blog

  1. I really do have a blog too, but it is hard to keep it up. So here’s my replyPhD- beginning of the end, not the end of the beginningNephew – in my prayers. I know about Hydrocephaly from various parts of my background. Glad the shunt is working. My son’s head is in 90th percentile. Glad it wasn’t me birthing him. Makes me even more grateful for his birthmother.ER – have only caught one part of a chaplain episode – not so impressedHP – loads of fun. One way I connect with manBoy.Entertainer and Grandfather’s violin. Grown into – size wise or skill wise – or both? They do tend to grow. Count your blessings.Stewardship Letter – write a stewardship sermon and mail it!But you probably already did.

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