Lord, hear our prayer

The following was forwarded to me through a couple of different lists. The message without the forwarding mess is below.

Urgent Prayer Request for the South Korean hostages held in Afghanistan:
We have received an urgent prayer request from Bishop Kyung Ha Shin head of our sister Methodist Denomination, The Korean Methodist Church, in South Korea, as that country waits in fear for the outcome of a hostage crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

On July 19th, 23 Korean Christians on a medical volunteer mission trip to Afghanistan were kidnapped and are being held hostage by the Taliban in the Qarabagh district between Kabul and Kandahar.

Demands are being made for the release of rebel prisoners. Negotiations have been hampered by the lack of a central government in the region. This past weekend an envoy from South Korea arrived in Kabul to coordinate efforts to secure the group’s safe release. Prior to the envoy’s arrival the leader of the VIM group, Rev. Bae Hyung-kyu was shot to death by the captors. Rev. Bae leaves behind a wife and nine-year old daughter. Late word this afternoon (Wed, Aug 1) from contacts in South Korea is that a second volunteer has been executed. The nation of South Korea is united in prayer for the safe release of the remaining 21 hostages.

We ask our United Methodist brothers and sisters to pray:

for reconciliation and a just resolution in the situation

for hopeful negotiation and safe release

for all Volunteer in Mission leaders in our churches as many offer
themselves in mission close to home and in other countries

for Christians in Korea and the entire nation, as the Korean Methodist
Church and others feel the pain and anguish of this unfolding situation.

Let us join our hearts in prayer for the pain and fear experienced by so
many in this situation.

Your Servant in Christ,

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung

There’s a news release on the main UMC.org website titled “United Methodists pray for Korean hostages. I tried to link to it but Blogger won’t cooperate.


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