So I am so tired from this incredibly full day. But I just have to post this before I go to bed.

I will be 40 in about a month. I really want a party! In Februray, I even put “Vicar’s party, FLC” on the church calendar without talking to anyone about it. I really want a party!

So finally in May, I talked to my sister and one of my best friends. My sister is “in” but the friend is overwhelmed with other things. So in August, my sister (who by the way lives out of state) says “get me someone at church. We’ll work together and we’ll throw you a party.” Great! except for the part of me that is so anxious about even thinking about asking anyone at church. Now, I really think there are people who would do that but I’ve been in churches (yes, more than one) where that would have been one more reason to be ugly. So I’m a little anxious because of past history not because of this church.

During lunch today, with a group that I usually join on Sundays, I finally “laid it on the table.” The response was immediate and so positive and one person even said, “You should have said something earlier!” So there are 3 people who are “in” for the party. One of them is out of town right before the event so she said, “I can’t really be in charge but I’ll help.” Little did I know …

We had the churchwide picnic today. It truly is one of my favorite things at this church. They do a great job of inviting others and including them. There is an egg toss (40 people played), water baloons, volleyball, horseshoes, lots of visiting and a great time. This year the church provided drinks, chicken, and dessert. I sat in on part of the meeting where they planned the food. The dessert was ordered from Costco — a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake. They called me to the table so I could pray and we could eat. As I got to the table, there was an announcement: The Vicar’s going to have a birthday in about a month and we’re going to sing happy birthday before she prays. And then they showed me the cakes that both said “Happy Birthday Rev Vicar” with a cool stylized cross and rose.

“I-can’t-be-in-charge,” who will be out of town in a month, ordered those cakes two weeks ago. They were in the refrigerator at the church even as I finally found just enough courage to ask for help with a party.

God is good. I am blessed.

And we’re having a month of partying!


About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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One Response to Blessed

  1. revabi says:

    God who prepares the way for us, thank you thank you!And Happy Birthday a month early.So does this mean you want a cyber Birthday party too?I liked that your people invited other people. That is great.

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